Report of Donors
Every Gift Counts
To view our current Report of Donors, use the links below. Although great care has been taken to list all names and list them accurately, we would appreciate being advised of any errors or omissions. Please contact the Office of Donor Relations at 315.443.2962 or

Our heartfelt thanks to all the donors who have made Syracuse University what it is today. Every gift, whether large or small, truly does count—and provides us with new opportunities to drive Scholarship in Action even farther ahead.

Report of Annual Donors
See a list of all donors who have made an annual gift to The Fund for Syracuse during the most recent fiscal year.

Pathfinder Honor Roll
See an honor roll of all Pathfinders, donors who have shown their commitment to SU with a bequest or other type of legacy gift.

Visionary Honor Roll
See an honor roll of all Visionaries, major supporters who have made cumulative or transformative gifts to Syracuse University during their lifetimes.